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CNY Golden Pumpkin

发财金瓜 1 Piece

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Ring Chinese New Year with our exclusive Golden Pumpkin, the epitome of prosperity and wellness. This festive favorite is not only a symbol of good fortune but also a culinary delight. With its rich golden color, each pumpkin brings a touch of celebration to your table. Grown with the utmost care, our Golden Pumpkin is a must-have for your CNY feast.

The name in Chinese symbolizes wealth/prosperity (golden), and the Chinese use it for praying and decorating the house during the lunar new year.

Quantity per pack: 1 piece

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Golden Pumpkin: Your Lunar New Year Charm

Welcome the Lunar New Year with our special Golden Pumpkin. It’s not just for show. It symbolizes good luck and health. This pumpkin isn’t for eating. It’s for celebrating!

Why the Golden Pumpkin?

It Brings Good Luck

Our Golden Pumpkin means more than just decoration. Its bright color represents wealth and good health, making it a must-have for the New Year.

Tradition in Your Home

Adding the Golden Pumpkin to your holiday decor mixes old customs with new joy. It’s a lovely way to hope for a prosperous year.

More Than Decoration

Brighten Up Festivities

Though not for cooking, the Golden Pumpkin makes a great centerpiece or a thoughtful gift. It brings the festive spirit to any space.

Wishes of Well-being

This pumpkin is all about wishing for a happy, healthy life. It fits perfectly with the New Year’s theme of starting fresh and feeling good.

Ready for Your New Year

Fresh to You

We make sure your Golden Pumpkin arrives fresh and vibrant, adding a special touch to your Lunar New Year celebration.

Get Your Golden Pumpkin

Add a Golden Pumpkin to your Lunar New Year. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a symbol of hope and happiness. Order now to make your celebration brighter and full of good fortune.


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