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Japan Amaou Strawberry

1 Pack

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These Japan Amaou Strawberry are full of flavor and sweetness is beyond imagination. They have higher Vitamin C and water content levels than other strawberries.

Weight per pack: 260g or 350g

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Japan Amaou Strawberry
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Taste Japan’s Finest: Amaou Strawberries

Welcome to Amaou Strawberry Delight

Dive into the flavor of Japan with Amaou Strawberries. These special strawberries bring the taste of luxury right to you. Grown in Fukuoka, Japan, they’re not just fruit but a flavor journey.

What Makes Amaou Strawberries Shine

Grown with Care

Amaou strawberries come from Japan’s rich earth. Handpicked for top taste and quality, you get the best in every bite.

Looks and Taste

Their name means “red,” “round,” “big,” and “yummy.” And they are! Each berry is a deep red, shiny, and heart-shaped treat.

Sweet Flavor

These strawberries mix sweet and a tiny tart in a juicy bite. They’re a hit with anyone who loves strawberries.

Good for You

They’re full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Enjoying Amaou strawberries is a tasty way to help your health.

Perfect Anytime

Upgrade desserts, snack healthily, or give a great gift with Amaou strawberries. They’re versatile and always unique.

Fast and Fresh Delivery

We send Amaou strawberries fast to keep them fresh. Our delivery keeps the sweet taste and soft texture just right.

Try Amaou Strawberries Now

Ready for a taste of Japan’s best strawberries? Order Amaou Strawberries today. They’re sweet, fresh, and fast to your door.

Weight (Japan Amaou Strawberry)

260g, 350g


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