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Japan Tochigi Skyberry


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Taste the luxury of Japan Tochigi Skyberry, the top-tier strawberry. Famous for their enormous size, bright red look, and juicy taste with a mix of sweet and tart, these strawberries are perfect for any treat. Enjoy the best in strawberries with the delightful Tochigi Skyberry.

Weight per pack: 380g

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Japan Tochigi Skyberry: The Peak of Strawberry Delight

Delight in the Sweet Elegance

Step into the world of Japan’s Tochigi Skyberry, a true luxury among strawberries. With their rich, eye-catching red color and a perfect mix of sweetness and a touch of tart, these berries bring a sophisticated taste to every bite.

Grown with Care

Each Skyberry comes from Tochigi Prefecture, known for its rich, volcanic soil that nurtures strawberries to be bigger, juicier, and full of flavor and nutrients. The care and advanced farming techniques ensure that every berry is of the highest quality.

Perfect for Any Recipe

Tochigi Skyberries are not just for eating on their own. They’re a versatile treat that can elevate any meal or dessert. Whether fresh, as a lush topping, or mixed into your favorite dishes, they add a unique, delicious, and visually stunning touch.

The Ultimate Strawberry Experience

Enjoy the finest strawberries Japan has to offer. Tochigi Skies are carefully selected to bring you unparalleled flavor and indulgence. It’s not just a berry; it’s an experience that showcases Japan’s commitment to excellence and taste.

Treat yourself to the unmatched beauty and flavor of Tochigi Skyberry, where every berry is an adventure in luxury.



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