About Us

Fruits Express Delivery Singapore – an online store of 100% fresh fruits in Singapore, aiming to have fruits delivered to your home/office at your convenience. We have been in this fruit industry for more than a decade.

Our main goal is to always deliver the freshest of fruits to all of our dear customers with high standard of quality and offer outstanding service with 100% honesty. From our past experience, we also realize the rising problem of the elderly and busy younger generation to personally make their way down, queue for order and lastly carrying the heavy bags of fruits back themselves. Unknowingly due to this problem, it has resulted in most of our bodies not having sufficient fruits intake.

Here at Fruits Express Delivery Singapore, we strive to make the process of purchasing fruits as fast and convenient as possible to everyone’s likings.
There are more than 60 types of fruits in our store from all over the world and we are constantly expanding our assortment.
For those who are keen to visit us during your free time, do feel free to drop by our retail store at 82 Marine Parade Central #01-614, Singapore 440082. We are open 24/7 daily.