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Hamper A1

American Ginseng Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar [6 cans, 70 ml]

American Ginseng Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar [1 can, 150 ml]

() Premium South Africa Abalone [1 can, 425 g]

Premium Peach Gum [1 box, 100 g]

Soapberry Seed with Snow Lotus Seed [1 box, 100 g]

Qinghai Black Goji Berries [1 box, 100 g]

Silk Thread Swallow’s Nest without Sulphur [1 box, 100 g]

American Ginseng Tea Bags [1 box, 8 small bags]

French Golden Edge Roses [1 box, 60 g]

Rock Sugar Bamboo Cane Maogen Snow Pear Tea [1 can]


This list includes a range of products combining traditional Chinese health ingredients with modern and luxury food items.

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Hamper A1

Consists of:

》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [6 罐70 毫升]

》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [1 罐150毫升]

》(福)极品南非鲍鱼 [1罐425克]

》珍珠大桃胶 [1盒100克]

》皂角米雪莲子 [1盒100克]

》青海黑枸杞子 [1盒100克]

》拉丝无硫磺雪燕 [1盒100克]

》美国花旗泡参茶包 [1盒8小包]

》 法国金边玫瑰 [1盒60克]

》石蜂糖竹蔗茅根雪梨茶 [1罐]

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    Cheng lian
    Brought this for my relative as a cny gift. Value for money and super convenient. Reliable
    Reply from Fruits Express Delivery:
    Thank you for choosing our hamper for your Chinese New Year gift! We're thrilled to hear it provided value and convenience to your celebration. Looking forward to serving you again with our reliable service! Stay healthy and happy, Fruits Express Delivery
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