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  1. Hamper L6
  2. American Ginseng with Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest [8 cans, 70ml each]
  3. American Ginseng with Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest [4 cans, 150ml each]
  4. Auspicious Jade Rabbit Scotch Whisky [1 bottle, 500ml]
  5. Premium NEW MOON Abalone [2 cans, 425g each]
  6. New Zealand Cod Fish Maw [1 box, 40g]
  7. American Laoshan Whole Ginseng [1 box, 37.5g (1 liang)]
  8. Changbai Mountain Laoshan 6-Year Ginseng [1 bundle]
  9. Genuine Changbai Mountain Snow Frog [1 box, 20g]
  10. Fugui Buddha Jumps Over the Wall [1 box, 240g]
  11. Artistic Cabinet Wooden Box [1 piece]

This list includes a mix of traditional health supplements, luxury food items, and a whisky product, reflecting a combination of Eastern and Western influences.

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Consists of:

  • 》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [8罐70毫升]
  • 》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [4罐 150毫升]
  • 》吉祥玉免苏格兰 WHISKY [1支 500毫升]
  • 》极品NEW MOON鲍鱼 [2罐 425 克]
  • 》新西兰鳕鱼花胶 [1盒40克]
  • 》美国老山圆粒泡参 [1盒37.5 克1两]
  • 》长白山老山 6年人参 [1束]
  • 》正長白山雪蛤 [1盒20克]
  • 》富贵佛跳墙 [1盒240克]
  • 》文艺橱柜木盒 [1个]


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