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Hamper A16B

American Ginseng Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest [6 cans of 70ml]

American Ginseng Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest [4 cans of 150ml]

6-year-old Changbai Mountain Ginseng [1 bundle]

MARTELL VSOP [1 bottle of 750ml]

Sabah Tawau Bird’s Nest [1 box of 2 pieces]

Authentic Changbai Mountain Snow Jelly [1 box of 20g]

() Premium South Africa Abalone [1 can of 425g]

Sulphur-Free Cloud Ear White Fungus [1 box of 100g]

Premium Peach Gum [1 box of 100g]

Qinghai Black Goji Berries [1 box of 100g]

Drawn Sulphur-Free Snow Swallow [1 box of 100g]

American Citibank Ginseng Tea Bags [1 box of 8 small packs]

French Gilded Rose [1 box of 60g]

Wild Hedyotis Herb [1 box of 20g]

Rock Sugar Bamboo Sugarcane Imperata Root Pear Tea [1 can]

This list includes various traditional and luxury items, ranging from health supplements and teas to premium spirits and delicacies.

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Consists of:

》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [6罐70毫升]

》美国泡参冰糖燕窝 [4 罐150毫升]

》6年长白山人参 [1束]


》沙巴斗湖燕 [1盒2片]

》正長白山雪蛤 [1盒20克]

》(福)极品南非鲍鱼 [1罐425克]

》无硫磺云耳白木耳 [1盒100克]

》珍珠大桃胶 [1盒100克]

》青海黑枸杞子 [1盒100克]

》拉丝无硫磺雪燕 [1盒100克]

》美国花旗泡参茶包 [1盒8小包]

》法国金边玫瑰 [1盒60克]

》野山夏枯草 [1盒20克]

》石蜂糖竹蔗茅根雪梨茶 [1罐]


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