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Fruits Gift Box

$10.90 Include GST $11.88

Fruits Gift Box (box only without any fruits)

Add this if you are giving it as a gift. It is an excellent choice as a get-well-soon gift box, corporate gift, or something different for a birthday gift. Anything that fits your special occasion!

** Important Note: This gift box cannot fit fruits from the melon category **

Dimension of box: 25.5cm X 38cm X 11cm (Able to fit roughly 6-7 types of fruits)

fruits gift box

$10.90 Include GST $11.88

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Discover the Joy of Freshness with Our Fruits Gift Box

Delight in the natural goodness of our Fruits Gift Box, a carefully selected box for the fruit selection of your choice. Build your personalized gift box by adding up to 7 types of fruits according to the recipient’s taste buds & do not forget to add this gift box to your cart! This box is perfect for gifting or as a nutritious treat for yourself and your loved ones.

A Handpicked Assortment

You may choose a variety of fruits to fill up this presentable gift box, such as:

  1. Crisp Apples – Always a favorite, known for their juicy sweetness.
  2. Premium Navel Oranges – Bursting with citrus flavor and vitamin C.
  3. Plump Grapes – Sweet and succulent, perfect for a light snack.
  4. Seasonal Berries – Offering a mix of tart and sweet flavors.
  5. Tropical Mango – Depending on the season, for an exotic twist.
  6. Juicy Pears – They have a delicate sweetness and soft texture.

Ideal for Any Occasion

This fruit gift box is versatile and perfect for any occasion – as a thoughtful gift, a healthy office snack, or a delightful treat for family gatherings.

Nutritious and Delicious

Each fruit in the box is packed with essential nutrients, making this gift enjoyable and beneficial for health.

Beautifully Presented

The fruits are elegantly packed in a box designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also to ensure freshness upon delivery.


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