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Costa Rica DULCE Gold Pineapple

1 Whole

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Savour the unmatched sweetness of Costa Rica DULCE Gold Pineapple. This premium, golden-hued pineapple is bursting with juicy flavour and tropical freshness. Grown in the heart of Costa Rica, it’s your slice of paradise, perfect for any dish or as a delicious snack. Experience the taste of the tropics today!
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Costa Rica DULCE Gold Pineapple
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A Symphony of Flavors

Our DULCE Gold Pineapple is not just a fruit; it’s an experience. From the moment you slice into its vibrant golden exterior, you’re greeted with the aroma of freshness and a hint of the tropics. The succulent and tender flesh offers a sweetness balanced with a subtle acidity that dances on the palate, making it a versatile ingredient for culinary creations ranging from savoury dishes to decadent desserts.

The Jewel of Costa Rica

Cultivated with sustainable practices that respect the earth, the DULCE Gold Pineapple thrives in the ideal climatic conditions for which Costa Rica is famed. This meticulous care from farm to table ensures superior taste, nutritional value, and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Health in Every Bite

Beyond its exquisite taste, the DULCE Gold Pineapple is a powerhouse of health benefits. Rich in vitamins C and A, bromelain, and antioxidants, it supports immune system health, aids digestion, and provides a refreshing energy boost. Incorporating this fruit into your diet is a treat for your taste buds and a gift to your well-being.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether crafting a vibrant fruit salad, baking a tropical-themed cake, or looking for a refreshing, healthy snack, the Costa Rica DULCE Gold Pineapple is your go-to choice. Its versatility and exceptional flavour make it a favourite among chefs and food enthusiasts.

Embark on a journey to the heart of Costa Rica with every slice of the DULCE Gold Pineapple. Discover a world where flavour and health go hand in hand, and the spirit of the tropics is encapsulated in every juicy bite. Experience the taste of paradise delivered straight to your table.


Whole, Remove skin only, Cut & slice


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