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CNY Prosperity Nian Gao

发财年糕 with banana leaves

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Welcome good fortune this Chinese New Year with our Prosperity Nian Gao, a treat for rising prosperity. Its sticky texture is a tasty symbol of hope for growth and plenty in the new year ahead.

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Prosperity Nian Gao
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Celebrate with Prosperity Nian Gao

Welcome Good Luck with a Traditional Treat

Dive into the Lunar New Year with our Prosperity Nian Gao. It’s more than a delicious snack; it signifies good luck and progress.

A Sign of Good Things to Come

Nian Gao is sticky and sweet, a perfect symbol of growth and a hopeful future. Eating it during the Lunar New Year is a tradition to boost luck and prosperity.

True to Tradition

Our Nian Gao sticks to a traditional recipe for that genuine, rich taste. Its sweet flavor and chewy texture make it a holiday must-have.

Made with Love

Skilled artisans craft our Nian Gao by hand. We pick top-notch ingredients to ensure every bite is delicious and of the best quality.

High-Quality Ingredients

We choose only the best natural ingredients for our Nian Gao. This means great taste and top quality for everyone.

The Ideal Gift

Prosperity Nian Gao is perfect for sharing the Lunar New Year’s happiness with loved ones or as a thoughtful gift for partners and colleagues.

Fresh for the Festivities

We make our Nian Gao fresh so it gets to you ready for the celebrations. It arrives fast, ensuring peak freshness and taste.

Enjoy It Your Way

Steam it for a soft snack, or fry it for some crunch. Prosperity Nian Gao is delicious any way you serve it.

Get Yours in Time

Order your Prosperity Nian Gao today. Start your Lunar New Year right with this tasty tradition, delivered on time for your celebration.

Size (CNY Prosperity Nian Gao)

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