Watermelon (Yellow) (1 Whole)

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Choose whether you want your melon in whole piece or cut for your convenience!

  • Small: Approximately 2-4kg
  • Medium: Approximately 4-6kg
  • Large: Approximately 6-8kg


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The yellow varieties usually taste a bit sweeter than the pink and have a more honey-like flavor.

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Small (Whole) (2-4kg), Small (Cut half) (2-4kg), Small (Cut quarter) (2-4kg), Small (Cut & slice) (2-4kg), Medium (Whole) (4-6kg), Medium (Cut half) (4-6kg), Medium (Cut quarter) (4-6kg), Medium (Cut & slice) (4-6kg), Large (Whole) (6-8kg), Large (Cut half) (6-8kg), Large (Cut quarter) (6-8kg), Large (Cut & slice) (6-8kg)


Small (Approximately 2-4kg), Medium (Approximately 4-6kg), Large (Approximately 6-8kg)


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