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Fruit Baskets Delivery Singapore

Fruit baskets have remained as a top choice for gifting especially among working adults. Even more so, most people would prefer fruit baskets delivery straight to the doorstep. When you need to show you care but schedule doesn’t permit, online fruit basket delivery becomes the norm.

When it comes to gifting someone you care, sending fruit baskets is a great choice. Not only is it healthy and tasty, it can be budget friendly if one goes for customizable fruit baskets. The best part is when you know what your family or friends like and you are able to choose accordingly. Those readily available fruit hampers at the supermarket can be quite pricey and may not suit your taste.

What is a Fruit Basket?

A fruit basket is a mix and match of fruits which are tastefully arranged in a basket. Accessories like ribbons, artificial flowers or other decorative items may be added for aesthetic purposes. These fruit baskets make a great get-well gift or sometimes given as a corporate gift on special occasion. It is also a popular choice to give as a birthday or thank you gift especially for the elderly.

Back in early days, people would handpick a selection of fruits at a local store, get it wrapped on the spot and send the gift basket in person. Nowadays, one can easily order fruit baskets online and get it delivered straight to home or office. There are merchants who provide same day delivery or even express delivery but most would require at least one day in advance for online service.

Ways to choose the Best Fruit Basket

To make it as simple as possible, consider these 3 aspects when you are choosing fruit baskets.


Without setting a budget, one tends to overspend and end up choosing more than is needed. Start off with an amount in your head, then you would be able to select either common fruits or more premium selection for the recipient.


Another important factor to consider is the occasion or purpose of the gift. If you are choosing a fruit basket to express condolences, you may choose fruits that are less vibrant in colour and make sure that the vendor is well-informed of the arrangement. You wouldn’t want a bright red ribbon for this kind of occasion.


When you know the person you are gifting inside out, then it shouldn’t be too big of a challenge for you to handpick a selection of fruits that suit his or her taste buds. Avoid fruits that would totally put them off unless your intention is to make them remember you for the rest of their lives.

Where to buy Fruit Baskets Online

We have compiled 3 online fruit basket delivery in Singapore that allow buyers to customize fruit baskets according to their needs.

1.Fruits Express Delivery
                                                                                            Photo : Fruits Express Delivery / Website

Having established for more than a decade in this industry, Fruits Express Delivery has vast connection with fresh fruit wholesalers hence customers would be able to get the most competitive pricing here. They provide same day and express delivery which is perfect for last minute fruit gifts basket idea. Just add a basket into your cart after choosing best fruits for your loved ones and they will select the size that will fit your order. Only $10 for a basket (one standard price for all sizes). If you are considering other gifting options, they also offer fruits gift box which is also customizable.

Website :

Contact details : +65 8668 8116 /

Retail Store : 82 Marine Parade Central #01-614 (S)440082

Opening Hours : Monday – Sunday (24/7)

                                                                                                  Photo : MomoBud / Website

At MomoBud, you can find personalised fruit gift hampers that are ideal for any occasion. They offer customization for Fruit Gift Crates, Basket and Box with fresh quality products according to recipient’s preference. You may choose from a mixed selection of finest seasonal and premium fruits worldwide. As an innovative and creative team, they also offer customized wooden bases for their fruit hampers which adds value to their products.

Website :

Contact details : +65 9834 8923 /

Retail Store : 138 Robinson Rd, #02-32 Oxley Tower (S)068906

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday (11 AM to 7 PM), Saturday (11 AM to 3 PM)

3.Happy Fruits
                                                                                                Photo : Happy Fruits / Website

Happy Fruits takes pride of their existing hamper collection which is put together according to price range, starting from $88. While they are not entirely customisable, you may indicate upon checkout if there is any must-have fruits or fruits to avoid. Customers are also given an option to either WhatsApp or email them should they wish to have a selection that is completely personalised. There are 3 types of fruit baskets to select from – Blissful, Bountiful and Abundance.

Website :

Contact details : +65 9171 5515 /

Retail Store : 30 Alexandra Lane Singapore (S)119982

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday (9 AM to 5 PM)

Fruit baskets are a great way to remember people who are important to you. Order fruit baskets online can save you heaps of time and energy so why not get started today! 

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Top 3 Fruits Delivery in Singapore


Fruits delivery service has become ever so popular in Singapore as we are living in the digital era. Though older generation would still prefer to handpick their own fresh fruits, most people appreciate the convenience of having fruits delivered to home or office.

                                                           Photo Credit : Fruit Express Delivery / Facebook



It is very common for people to find ways on how to make life easier – save time and energy so you can spend your precious time on things that you value more.

When fresh fruits delivery was first introduced, most people would be wondering what is the percentage that one would end up with not-so-fresh fruits.

As such, we find it extremely important that consumers take a look at refund/replacement policy of each online fruits seller and understand more on the core value of the business.

Here are top 3 online fruits delivery in Singapore.

1. Fruits Express Delivery

                                                                                     Photo : Fruits Express Delivery / Website

Having established for more than a decade in this industry, Fruits Express Delivery has vast connection with fresh fruit wholesalers hence customers would be able to get the most competitive pricing here. They also have a wide selection of local and imported fruits and offer cut fruits, fruit platters, fruit cups and fruit juices for catering. Do not miss out on their affordable range of fruits gift box from classic to luxury options, popular fruit baskets and “Build Your Own” corporate fruit hampers. Same day fruit delivery and express delivery within 1 hour are made available for extra convenience.

Website :

Contact details : +65 8668 8116 /

Retail Store : 82 Marine Parade Central #01-614 (S)440082

Opening Hours : Monday – Sunday (24/7)


2. Fruitwerkz

                                                                                                                       Photo : Fruitwerkz / Website

Fruitwerkz is an affiliate of Lim Tean Lye Trading, which has been in the fruit retail business since 1984. Apart from delivering to residential areas, this platform also offers delivery to offices based on a subscription service. Customizable fruit packs are available for special events or simply for staff welfare initiatives. If you prefer readily available fruit packs so you don’t have to crack your head, check out their existing bundle ranging from $2 to $8.50 per pack.

Website :

Contact details :

Retail Store : 48 Sims Place, #01-155 (S)380048

Opening Hours : Monday – Saturday (8 AM to 7 PM), Sunday (8 AM to 4 PM)


3. Yaya Papaya

                                                                                                                                      Photo : Yaya Papaya / Website

Based in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, Yaya Papaya is well known for their subscription boxes which include Immunity, Rainbow, Juicing and Seasonal Surprise at $60 per box. Customers can decide the number of boxes to be delivered in a month based on their needs and speed of consumption. Delivery dates can be scheduled thereafter via their website. This vendor also takes pride in its seasoned team of packers, drivers and fruit experts who work tirelessly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Website :

Contact details : +65 6774 3387

Retail Store : 26 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-208 (S)110026

Opening Hours : Monday – Friday (8 AM to 5 PM),  Saturday (8 AM to 1 PM)

Rule of thumb – Read their policy

While more and more fresh produce vendors start to venture on fruit delivery, it is crucial for one to find out more on what makes each seller unique before deciding on the right vendor. Spend some time to read existing testimonials and ensure refund/replacement policy is in place to protect you from unforeseen circumstances like fruits getting bruised during delivery etc. Order fruits online can save you heaps of time and energy so why not get started today!

To get the most out of fruits delivery, order fresh fruits online and opt for Express delivery. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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Tambun Ipoh Pomelo – What makes it that famous?

Transported all the way from Ipoh, Malaysia, Tambun Ipoh pomelo has been the best selling fruit especially during pomelo season. This fruit is usually associated with grapefruit due to similarity in shape and flesh. Other than significant difference in size, what makes them different is that this much bigger fruit is well loved for its juicier pulp. Hint of bitterness is also milder in pomelo than the grapefruit.

One of the fruit stalls in Ipoh (Photo by

It is known that those that are grown in Tambun Valley, about 10 minutes east of Ipoh would have the best taste. The key reason is that these farms are surrounded by the limestone hills which are rich in calcium, the mineral required for pomelo trees to thrive. According to Malaysia Vacation Guide, Tambun Ipoh Pomelo is reputed as one of the best in the world.

Large pomelo can go up to 1.8-2kg during peak season (Photo by


Not only is it the most juicy, sweetest and biggest pomelo you can find, it is a great source of the following minerals:

  • Potassium
  • Folic acid
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Sodium

Tips on How To Choose A Good Tambun Ipoh Pomelo


                                                                                        Source: Malaysia Vacation Guide

Thinking of getting yourself some juicy Tambun Ipoh pomelos, wait no more! Fix your cravings instantly with same day fruits delivery or one-hour express delivery.